Lose Weight Eating
Your Favorite Foods

By Matt Cook

You deserve to enjoy every delicious bite of your favorite foods.

Imagine if you could enjoy all your favorite foods, while losing weight.

Really imagine it...

Ice cream, pizza, chocolate, fried chicken, cheesecake… anything.

I'm going to share a big secret that can unleash your natural ability to eat anything you like.

You'll enjoy your food without a care in the world, while maintaining a healthy, attractive body.

This is not about a "weight loss pill", or a supplement of any kind, and it's not about a diet or workout plan.

What you're about to discover is unlike anything you've ever heard before.

Society's Weight Loss Mistake

It turns out, there is a fundamental flaw right at the foundation of society's accepted understanding of health science…

For exactly 113 years, this fundamental flaw has been responsible for the colossal rise of weight gain and obesity.

When you understand this flaw, you'll know that your weight loss struggles are certainly not your fault

"Suppress Your Cravings or Feel The Shame", you're told.

Because you were born into a culture that had already, over a century earlier...

...embraced an immense body of erroneous ideas and beliefs about weight gain and weight loss.

In fact, we were all fed a big falsehood.

A falsehood that has led us to a disempowered belief system.

For so long, we've believed that we must "willpower" and "discipline" to "suppress cravings" for so-called "unhealthy foods".

And to take on an increasingly crushing burden of shame, guilt and self-blame each time you're unable to follow the supposedly correct mainstream weight loss advice.

It's Time For Us
To Learn The Truth

Today, you'll discover provide empowering wisdom that has been forgotten and literally suppressed for over a century.

Wisdom that will help you identify disempowering beliefs that you've unknowingly taken on about eating and weight loss…

Help you release the shame, guilt or disempowerment you may be feeling…

Help you thoroughly enjoy eating your tastiest, most delicious foods...

And help you totally restore your power to choose, achieve and maintain your ideal body shape.

To introduce myself, in case you're not yet familiar with my work...

People in over 50 countries have benefited from my work.

My name is Matt Cook.

I'm best known as the author of the pain-recovery book, "Conscious Movement: The Key to Releasing Pain".

I'm also the creator of the now somewhat famous back pain recovery course, "The Back Pain Miracle", which has garnered success stories from over 50 countries.

I hope that you will forgive that my discovery of this weight loss wisdom, came not from me personally losing weight.

Rather, it came from my continued health research after curing my own personal 12-year struggle with chronic body-wide muscular and joint pain, something doctors called "Fibromyalgia".

Proven Pain Cure Also
Dissolves Excess Weight

The methods that are already curing chronic pain all over the world can also dramatically accelerate your weight loss journey and help you achieve your goals even faster than you can imagine.

I promise you, this article will give you the epiphanies and the sparks of inspiration and empowerment to rapidly transform your body and your life.

If you take this information to heart, then you'll soon be able to joyfully eat all your favorite foods without shame, guilt or embarrassment.

And you'll lose weight doing it.

You know it's possible for other people.

As of today, it can be possible for you too.

You won't have to "suppress your cravings" or force yourself to eat boring food.

That terrible "diet lifestyle"... where they make you count calories, or follow a boring restrictive eating plan, or suppress your cravings…

You won't have to live like that ever again.

And as a welcome bonus, this information will also allow you to enjoy foods previously associated with after-eating symptoms like digestive difficulties, bloating, low energy, mind-fog and so on.

You're going to be bedazzled by how my discovery of the solution to chronic pain led directly to the solution to weight loss that you've been looking for.

How Chronic Pain Led To The Key To Weight Loss

Mainstream advice is well intentioned, though fundamentally flawed, as you'll see.

In my 12 years of chronic muscular pain, I saw many medical professionals such as doctors, physiotherapists, chiropractors, massage professionals, radiologists, active release practitioners, and more.

The "solutions" they recommended were stretching, strengthening, yoga classes, rest, massage, heat, ice, steroid injections, autologous blood injections, diets, supplements, spinal adjustments and certain muscular release techniques.

I followed their instructions, probably like how you follow weight loss instructions, to the letter.

Though I never experienced lasting results, and the pain only became worse and worse.

After more than a decade of "Hell on Earth", I had the fortune of finally meeting 2 mentors, who had the answers I'd been looking for. They were Eero Westerberg of "Vahva Fitness" and Egwin Ertl of "Beyond Systems".

In particular, Egwin Ertl informed me:

"The reason why these mainstream methods don't, won't and can't work for you is that they are "Purely Physical Approaches".

Remember this concept: "Purely Physical Approaches".

This concept is critical to your weight loss journey. Critical.

Keep it in your mind and relate it to your weight loss journey as we continue.

It means: the methods I'd been using were focused purely on trying to manipulate the "physical" structures of the body.

Egwin told me that only by releasing the trapped negatively charged emotions and thoughts could I recover.

It turned out that Egwin was 100% correct.

Egwin Ertl (Left) and Eero Westerberg (Right) helped when the medical establishment had failed.

Upon this premise and further insight from both Egwin Ertl and Eero Westerberg I was able to create unique methods that holistically involved my mind, body and emotions.

These methods healed practically all my muscular pain within a year, and I've since received dozens of success stories from students who have used my methods.

With my own struggle solved, I turned my research focus to other diseases, including weight loss.

I was familiar with and interested in weight loss due to many family members experiencing lifelong difficulties with their weight.

My recovery from chronic muscular & joint pain thanks to methods unknown to and even shunned by the medical establishment had opened me to this possibility:

If the medical establishment could be wrong about chronic pain, perhaps they were wrong about weight loss too.

And perhaps they would be wrong in a similar way.

Perhaps there was even a fundamental flaw right at the foundation of medicine, of the science of health…

1910: The Year Your Weight Struggles Began

My investigations took a long and winding road over roughly 3 years, though eventually I discovered a monumental event in world history, 113 years ago in 1910.

This event seems to be more responsible than any other event for the dramatic increase in chronic weight gain and obesity in the 20th and 21st centuries…

And in particular:

This event seems responsible for your personal weight struggles.

This flaw… this astronomical scientific blunder… has insidiously pervaded our entire approach to health, especially diet and eating.

This following is critical to your weight loss journey.

Here's what happened:

In 1910, the lobbyist organization, the American Medical Association (AMA) endorsed a report commissioned and funded by The Carnegie Foundation.

This report, produced by Abraham Flexner, is called "The Flexner Report".

The purpose of the Flexner Report was to:

Assess and standardize medical education in the United States to ensure that it was based on scientific principles and the protocols of accepted mainstream science.

How government controlled the weight loss advice you can receive.

But what was considered "accepted mainstream science" in the early 20th century?

The answer is, that which is based upon "scientific materialism", also known as "physicalism".

It's the 17th century onward philosophical idea that everything in the universe is composed purely of matter and physical processes.

It became so widespread due to the success of Isaac Newton's "physics", which inspired a "physicalist" approach to explaining the natural world.

According to physicalism: everything that exists can be explained in terms of physical causes and physical mechanisms.

That means that you, your mind, your emotions, your consciousness, your soul… can all be reduced to mere physical processes.

Read this carefully:

According to physicalism, your weight struggles are purely physical in cause and solution.

The Solution To Weight Struggles Has Been Hidden From You

In the wake of the Flexner Report and endorsement of its recommendations by the American Medical Association, many state legislatures passed laws regulating medicine, including training, certification and licensing.

The federal government also passed Flexner Bill in 1928, which provided federal funding only to medical universities that adhered to the Flexner Report.

In less than 30 years, the number of medical schools dropped from 650… to around 70.

Here is the crystal clear implication:

The only medical curricula that have been permitted by the US government for over 100 years are those that adhere to physicalism.

In fact, the entire medical establishment of the United States has been regulated by the government to teach and prescribe only according to physicalism.

Do you remember Egwin Ertl's advice that led to my recovery from chronic body-wide joint and muscular pain?

"The reason why these mainstream methods don't, won't and can't work for you is that they are Purely Physical Approaches".

The medical establishment is wasting your time, energy and money.

The reason you've been struggling with your weight is because the mainstream methods that are presented to you from every angle don't, won't and can't work because they are Purely Physical Approaches.

Before the rise of physicalism, people had thought similarly to Mary Baker Eddy:

She said, "It is absurd to suppose that matter can both cause and cure disease, or that spirit […] produces disease and leaves the remedy to matter."

Well, what happens when the most influential and powerful country on Earth mandates that doctors are taught that the cause of and solution to all health issues, including weight gain and obesity, is purely physical?

You get a society that promotes erroneous belief in Purely Physical Approaches everywhere you look for help…

The "Physicalism" Lie That Keep You Overweight

They told us, "If you don't follow the scientifically proven food pyramid, you'll become overweight".

When you were a child, before you could even experiment for yourself, you were told about the "scientifically proven" Healthy Food Pyramid.

They told you that there are "healthy foods" that you should eat, and "unhealthy, fat-causing foods" that you will certainly crave, but must suppress your cravings for, because if you eat them you'll become obese and get all sorts of diseases…

When you are unable to achieve the literally impossible task of "suppressing your cravings", society tells you that you lack willpower and discipline, that you are weak and you need to try harder…

When you wonder why some people easily stay slim, while you struggle, society tells you that perhaps your "genes" are to blame, or that you have a "hormonal imbalance" or "chemical imbalance" in your brain… or that your organs aren't functioning correctly…

Or how about an "auto-immune disease"?

Physicalism. Physicalism. Physicalism.

Everywhere you turn, there are commercial interests ready to serve you solutions based on Purely Physical Approaches.

Doctors trained at medical schools regulated by the government may suggest, with complete seriousness, that you take pharmaceuticals made from petroleum, yes literal oil, netting the pharmaceutical corporations billions year after year.

Weight loss gurus over the decades have made millions of dollars promoting fad diets such The Grapefruit Diet, The Cabbage Soup Diet (seriously?), The Alkaline Diet, The Atkins Diet, The Low Fat, The Paleo Diet, The Keto Diet…

All these fads that have come and gone with little to no lasting results.

Supplement marketers of questionable ethics make millions per year claiming that they were once 200 pounds overweight until they discovered a "little known combination" of herbs and vitamins that helped them lose 30 pounds a week and now they've put it into a convenient pill for you to take before bed for only $250 for a 180 day supply supply.

Physicalism. Physicalism. Physicalism.

The stunning failure of a medical establishment rooted in physicalism.

The irrefutable proof that this "physicalism" approach does not help people lose weight or maintain their ideal weight:

The unyielding rise in the prevalence of people struggling with weight gain and obesity. (See picture)

The rates go up and up, year after year, while the pharmaceutical industry, supplement industry and diet industry all cash in more and more.

I'm sure that you now understand why any difficulties you've encountered with weight loss are certainly not your fault.

The world had deceived itself into believing a colossal falsehood about weight before you even got here.

Just like I was deceived that "Purely Physical Approaches" were the solution to chronic muscular pain…

You were deceived that "Purely Physical Approaches" are the solution to your weight loss goals.

The Weight Loss Answer You've Been Searching For

Every day, more people turn their backs on Physicalism, and accept this truth.

If the solution to weight loss isn't to do with "Purely Physical Approaches"... then what?

Are you ready for the answer?

The answer is:

Your beliefs.

Your beliefs about food, eating, dieting, health, weight, dis-ease…

Are the fundamental causative drivers and maintainers of your weight.

I'll say it again so that it sinks down really deep…

Your beliefs… your core, deep-seated, sometimes unconscious, beliefs about food, eating, dieting, health, weight, disease, and more…

Are the fundamental root-causes of your weight.

The reason why some people are effortlessly slim for life, even though they happily eat pretty much anything they like, whenever they like…

While others can spend decades using tons of energy, will power and discipline to faithfully follow "diets" and still remain overweight

All comes down to a difference in certain beliefs about food and eating…

Do These Thoughts Run Through Your Head?

Reflect deeply on this question:

Do any thoughts similar to the following run through your head when you're eating yummy, so-called "unhealthy" foods...

...which are supposed by mainstream science to cause weight gain?

"This is so bad for me, I really shouldn't be eating this"

"I'll never be able to lose weight if I keep eating this way"

"This is going to ruin the weight loss progress I've made"

"This is going to go straight to by thighs (for women) or straight to my gut (for men)"

"I'm going to feel so bad after eating this"

"I shouldn't be eating this, I'm definitely going to regret it tomorrow"

"This is going to put more weight on"

"I'll regret this decision later"

"I'll feel guilty for the rest of the day"

"It's going to be so hard to get back on track now"

"This is taking me further away from my goals"

"I'm going to need to eat less tomorrow to make up for this"

"Well I might as well just write off the whole day, it's ruined now"

These thoughts indicate the presence of disempowering beliefs that prevent weight loss (as long as those beliefs are held).

How Disempowering Beliefs Create & Maintain Weight

The physicalist medical establishment leads you to beliefs that cause weight gain.

If we ultimately believe:

  • Yummy food is unhealthy
  • It causes us to become overweight
  • We'll feel guilty and regretful aftere eating it
  • It takes us further away from our goals
  • It's going straight to our thighs, gut or other "problem spot"

Then that is exactly what will happen.

Read carefully:

The thoughts we have while we're eating literally tell our bodies what is to happen with the food.

Furthermore, the associated negative feelings of guilt and shame physically manifest to perpetuate a body shape that you don't want.

Though please remember: this is not your fault and has never been your fault.

The fact that you were born into a world saturated with purely physical approaches and disempowering beliefs has made weight-gain practically unavoidable.

Though every day is the 1st day of the rest of your life.

And you're free to adopt empowering beliefs that will help you create your ideal body, starting today.

Your New Empowered Weight Loss Beliefs

Imagine your body that you'll soon create as you take on the following beliefs about food:

Say these aloud or silently to yourself:

"I trust my cravings to tell me exactly which foods my body needs, exactly when I need them"

"I'll receive from this food only that which nourishes me and the rest will pass straight through me"

"Fatty, sugary and high-carb foods all play wonderful and beneficial roles in my life"

"I'm grateful for all the glorious yummy foods the world has to offer"

"I love food and I love my freedom to eat as I please"

"The food I eat always gives me the ideal energy I need to accomplish my short-term and long-term goals"

"My body knows exactly what to do with the food I eat to create the body of my dreams"

It's a FACT: With empowered beliefs, you can eat as you please.

For too long, you've been told that the way to achieve your ideal body shape is to use willpower and discipline...

...to suppress your cravings and eat in alignment with the impossible dictations of the mainstream science of physicalism.

This has led you to be undeservingly burdened by disempowering feelings of fear, guilt and shame.

Physicalism has ruined your relationship with food and eating and made it practically impossible to lose weight.

The time has come to open to this idea:

Physicalism's "Science of Healthy Eating" has failed you.

And it's time to accept that it's your beliefs that create your body…

With positive, empowered beliefs you'll finally be able to always eat in a joyful state where you have full power and control over your body shape.

Introducing Conscious Eating: The Key to Weight Loss

It is my pleasure and my honor to introduce you to what I know is the most effective weight-loss technology you've ever seen.

Technology that will work for you better than any diet, supplement or pill ever has or ever could…

Using the same ultra-effective techniques that cured my chronic muscular pain and have done likewise for so many of my students…

I have created a fun, enjoyable and effective video series for you.

You'll simply sit down to a few meals with me and do literally instant-result exercises that will release the disempowering beliefs and the shame and guilt that have until now kept you overweight…

And we will rebuild your relationship with food and eating into something wonderful and empowering…

It's going to be one epiphany after another!

Together set in motion the inevitable creation of the body of your dreams.

In the spirit of my pain-recovery book that has already helped so many people across the world, "Conscious Movement: The Key to Releasing Pain"...

This body transformation course is titled "Conscious Eating: The Key to Weight Loss"

This is going to be so fun, so easy and so effective!

This Is The Transformational Course You've Been Wishing For

Let me give you a delicious taste of what you'll experience with as you enjoy "Conscious Eating: The Key to Weight Loss":

The Cheesecake Exercise

(Or Favorite Dessert)
Feature 1 Image

Imagine biting into your favorite dessert, and feeling completely free of guilt, shame and inner conflict.

The transformative “Cheesecake Exercise” will help you shed limiting beliefs about sweets and desserts, as you embark on a guilt-free journey towards a healthier relationship with food and the body of your dreams.

The Apple Exercise

(Or Favorite Fruit)
Feature 1 Image

Shatter the “Healthy versus Unhealthy” food paradigm prison that traps so many people in stressful, restrictive dieting with the freeing “Apple Exercise”.

One bite of an apple, or fruit of your choice, and you’ll instantly unlock a more relaxed and empowered relationship with food that lets you freely enjoy your favorite foods whenever you like, free from guilt and stress.

The Truth About Genes

Feature 1 Image

Are you tired of feeling trapped by the notion that your “genes” dictate your weight? It’s time to empower yourself and reclaim your body’s full potential.

I’ll help you shake off this outdated, disempowering, materialist myth, and then you can watch as unwanted weight effortlessly fades away.

Release Emotional Conflicts

Feature 1 Image

Mainstream medicine fails to recognize the powerful impact of mental and emotional conflicts, stemming from stressful life events, on chronic unwanted weight.

I’ll reveal to you little-known conflicts that may be causing you to hold onto unwanted weight, and equip you with the tools, knowledge and power to overcome these conflicts and achieve the body you desire - easier and more effectively than you ever thought possible.

The Pre-Meal Ritual

Feature 1 Image

I’ll reveal to you a 30-second pre-meal ritual that instantly dismisses worry, guilt or shame and brings you to a state of “Blissful Presence” that optimizes digestion, nutrient absorption and the creation of the body of your dreams.

If you did nothing else except for this pre-meal ritual, you could potentially end your weight loss struggles. It's literally that powerful.

The Fried Chicken Exercise

(Or Favorite Fast Food)
Feature 1 Image

Imagine if you could joyfully indulge in mouth watering fast food knowing with certainty that it’s not going to negatively affect your weight. It’s POSSIBLE. The counter-intuitive “Fried Chicken Exercise” releases the rattlings of fear and shame implanted in our heads by dogmatic “Healthy Eating Scientism”.

You’ll realize that it has never been the food itself, but the negative energies of the fear-based eating beliefs that cause weight gain.

Welcome to a new food-freedom paradigm where you have permission to enjoy yourself and love eating.

The "19 Word Blessing"

Feature 1 Image

Next, Food Blessings are very powerful. I’m going to share with you a powerful 19-word-blessing that you can either say aloud or silently think right before you eat.

It will to subconsciously instruct your body to receive from your food only that which nourishes you and helps you achieve your goals, and to simply discard the rest, instead of storing it as fat. This will also aid digestion and make you feel happier and more energized after eating.

The Truth About "Dis-ease"

Feature 1 Image

Materialist medicine has taught us to believe that certain foods can lead to physical conditions now called “diseases”, such as blood pressure, cholesterol, heart and organ conditions, and diabetes. But in the 1800s we knew that “disease” is the “dis-ease” in our minds, which affects our body’s condition.

I’ll help you notice any dis-ease in your mind relating to foods, and release it so that your body can automatically restore to its ideal state, where you can joyfully indulge your cravings and maintain your ideal weight.

The Supplement Exercise

Feature 1 Image

Next, while supplements can provide nutrition that we aren’t getting from conventional food, relying on them for weight control or disease management reinforces the mainstream medical notion that we cannot influence our weight with our conscious intention and fundamental beliefs about food and eating.

The “Supplement Exercise” will help you release this disempowering notion and return to total control over your weight.

And that is just the tip of the iceberg, when it comes to the amazing experience you'll have with Conscious Eating.

Everything you discovered will lead you to the empowerment of "Conscious Eating", where you eat in effortless harmony with your body's instinctual cravings.

Your body will tell you exactly what it needs, when it needs it, be it fruit, meat, vegetables, carbs or even sweets or fried greasy food, and you can enjoy eating to the fullest, knowing that you're doing the right thing.

"Conscious Eating: The Key to Weight Loss" is revolutionary weight loss technology.

It will work better for you than any diet, supplement or exercise program ever could, because it transforms the fundamental root cause of your weight - your beliefs.

You'll rediscover the joy of food and renew your relationship with eating so quickly, and you'll be forever proud of this empowering step you're taking toward the body of your dreams.

Amazing Low Price For Conscious Eating: The Key To Weight Loss

You may imagine that a program as revolutionary as "Conscious Eating" could be expensive.

And indeed, I do have health and wellness courses priced at $997 for people who have the time, energy and money for that kind of commitment.

However… when I set out to create "Conscious Eating"…

My intention was to help every single person who may be struggling with their weight…

Which means the investment has to be affordable for everyone.

So when you order Conscious Eating, you're not going to anywhere near my highest priced courses at $997.

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When you click "Add to Cart", you'll be taken to the secure checkout page.

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Guaranteed For 60 Days

I have a perfect reputation for honoring my 60-day guarantee.

Just in case you have any doubts or concerns, or you're wondering if this will really lead you to your ideal body shape that you've been dreaming of...

Then please know this:

I'm guaranteeing your investment today with a 60-day money-back guarantee...

I believe so strongly that Conscious Eating: The Key to Weight Loss is so effective, so powerful, and so different from anything you've ever tried before…

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I have a perfect reputation with customer service and honoring my 60-day guarantee.

So go ahead - invest in yourself.

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When you click Add to Cart, you'll go through to the secure checkout page, which will look just like the image you see below:

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As soon as you click pay now:

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It's Time To Choose: Physicalism or Conscious Eating

You're one click away from the body of your dreams!

The fact that you're reading this means that you care deeply about your weight and achieving your ideal body.

And you're probably at a point in your life, where you're ready to make a change.

You're ready to move beyond the tired old Purely Physical Approaches that have provided long lasting results and try something that truly works.

I'll now give you an important motivational perspective that will help you know with certainty that this is the right thing to do.

Read carefully:

From this day forward, your weight situation is either going to become better or it's going to become worse.

If you do nothing, it will most likely become worse.

If you cross your fingers and rely on hope, it will most likely become worse.

The Path of Purely Physical Approaches.

If you continue to rely on the tired old physical approaches that have never really helped you, like dieting, craving suppression, supplements or pharmaceuticals…

Your weight situation will most likely become worse.

You will most likely amass more frustration, more guilt, more shame, more anxiety and more misery… and quite possibly, more weight.

I know this from stories from my relatives, from the statistical prevalence of weight gain and obesity, and from my own experience with pain.

So I really don't want you to choose those paths. Those are paths of darkness and regret.

Don't waste any more of your precious time or energy on the path of physicalism.

Like my favorite Turkish Proverb says:

"No matter how far you've gone down the wrong path, turn back".

The Path of the Conscious Eating Mind-Body Approach.

Instead, journey down a different and better path.

A path toward a highly empowered state of being.

Free of any fear, guilt or shame about food and eating that may have once burdened you.

Where positive beliefs allow you to joyfully eat anything you like.

And you have effortless control over your weight and body shape.

You can do this.

I believe in you.

You have your mind, your will, your desire for happiness, and in a moment, you'll have access to Conscious Eating: The Key to Weight Loss, and that's all you need.

Achieving your ideal body can be so easy and enjoyable, and you completely deserve this.

It's time to reclaim your power over your body.

So invest in yourself.

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Today can be the day where everything begins to get better and you begin to glide toward the body of your dreams, with the welcoming of Conscious Eating into your life.

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So go ahead - begin today.

You'll be so, so glad you did.

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My name is Matt Cook, thank you for reading, and I'll see you in the Conscious Eating video area.